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Cat Janice

Growing up in a musically focused family, Cat has always had a strong connection to music expression and learned to play violin and piano at an early age. Hailing from the Washington, DC music scene, she is surrounded by incredible musical diversity that influenced her vocal style with jazzy undertones. Cat has never taken a vocal lesson and taught herself to sing at 16, developing a completely unique sound. Her fun and fiery style is inspired by groups like Portugal. The Man, Alice Merton, and a hint of Amy Winehouse. Cat has been 3X nominated for the prestigious Washington Area Music Awards (WAMMIE) for best rock artist, best rock song, and best pop song and has been featured on Country Music Television's popular TV Show, "Redneck Island". Her new lively and energetic singles Pricey, Favorite Fight, and Crypto Kids are now available!


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Set Up

Vocals/Keys | Cat Janice
Guitar | Jamie Allen
Guitar | Mark Hansen
Bass | Joanna Smith
Drums | Jim Doorley